2020 FinKraft Italy/Giro Cycling Camp May 22nd – June 1st

We made it to  2020 and and it is time to plan this years adventures and keep living your life to the fullest. Our FinKraft Italy Giro Cycling Camp is like being in the Giro d’Italia  for one week without the racing.  Of course there is nothing like experiencing Italy riding your bike. You will be amazed once the week is over and you look back.

” Wow ,, we did all this in 9 days ? ”

This is our number 11 tour of Italy and you can truly say we have it dialed. A abundance of established local knowledge and connections makes this camp so good and interesting every year. Every day we do an ” epic ride ” but also experience so much more . Foods , wines , people , bikes , places , Giro d’Italia and just the real Italian authentic culture that a normal tourist would never experience or see .

We have to keep the spots limited to make the experience the best possible for everyone, so go to our Training Camps page for more details and make this dream a reality . Make sure to book your spot now and have something super cool to look forward to  end of May 2020.

” A cycling trip like no other”

Ciao and looking forward riding with you in Italy.