On Bike Consultation

ColdWeather$75.00 (each additional rider, $25.00)*

Here is the opportunity to ride with Roger, anywhere from 1-3 hours in order to learn new routes, find the perfect road for the perfect interval workout, improve you climbing, sprinting or time trail skills, or pick Roger’s brain for advice.

With Roger’s years of experience in racing, this is a good time to ask about race courses, tactics, race preparations, nutrition or anything else that peaks your interest. You will undoubtedly find that Roger is more than happy to share his knowledge and impart any tips to help make you a better rider.

Cyclocross Skill Practice

Anyone who has raced cyclocross knows that skills can be a major limiter. In order to improve your racing and capitalize on racing fitness, it’s important that you actively train such handling and racing skills. Unfortunately, it is very easy to teach yourself bad habits and bad techniques which will stick with you for a long time; and as such, it’s important that your receive proper guidance in order to  properly develop competence in these areas.

With a cyclocross skills consultation, Roger will demonstrate the typical skills required in cyclocross racing and work with you in person at a local field or grass area. During this session, he will analyze your technique and correct you if necessary. If such skills need improving.

Roger will demonstrate the correct way of dismounting, re-mounting, carrying the bike and running over the barriers, shouldering and running with the bike, and more. Once the basics are established, additional work on speed, cornering and bike handling will be provided.

This service is a huge asset that FinKraft has to offer and will undoubtedly make you a better racer.

* Feature limited to local riders. The service is by appointment only and the rider has to sign a waiver before starting the practice.