Road Racing

Team CapitolWith Roger’s experience as an elite racer for most of his life, he will teach you every detail in preparation for a race. Through him you will learn how to interpret the actual race situation, tactics, nutrition, recovery methods, how much to train, and when to back off or when to overextend.  Roger builds his training plans around structure and consistency thereby allowing you to be competitive from the beginning to the end of the racing season with small peaks for key races or events .

If local, rides with Roger are available almost weekly. As Roger puts it ” the best feedback you get from athletes is riding next to them , it tells it all.”

Road Cycling Service Overview 

  • $250 per month (due on first of the month)*
  • $150 initial assessment fee
    • Includes athlete interview, lactic balance point test for one discipline, and ride with coach
  • Services Include:
    • Communication and program delivery via software
    • HRM/Power meter data evaluation weekly
    • Strength and conditioning training programs
    • Nutritional Guidance
    • Race prep and post-race analyses
    • Unlimited phone calls and e-mails answered within 24-hours
    • Equipment guidance and etc.

Not required, but highly recommended: Cycling Peaks Software, Power meter or Heart Rate Monitor

* 3-month minimum required with 30 day cancellation notice appreciated