Matt IronmanCoaching an athlete in two or three different sports could be extremely challenging. The balance between time, frequency and training loads are the factors that are key in doing more than one sport. The FinKraft Multisports Coaching Program is highly individual given the varied responses by to different type of training stress across each sporting discipline. Our goal is to find the right combination that will work for you in the most beneficial way.

To be consistent in the training and racing requires mental strength and focus even more so for multisport athletes. To be able to stay healthy and injury free is what we stride for. A multisport athlete often has to extend themselves beyond their limits and the injury risk is very high. Recovery is often overlooked and athletes experience the “chronic fatigue syndrome” all the time. We will help the athletes understand how to listen to their own bodies and become stronger rather than digging a hole for themselves and not be at their best when they need to.

Flexibility and feedback is what makes our coaching programs work. A sport is a lifestyle and culture (even a religion for some people) .We live the sport like you do and we can relate and feel to what you go through. This makes it easier for us to create the right customized training program for you.


Multisports Services Overview

  • $300 per month (if meeting once per week), otherwise $250 due on the first of the month*
  • $150 initial assessment fee
    • Includes athlete interview, lactic balance point test for one discipline, and ride with coach
  • Services Include:
    • Communication and program delivery via software
    • HRM/Power meter data evaluation weekly
    • Specific bike and run coaching, skills and techniques
    • Strength and conditioning training programs
    • Nutritional Guidance
    • Race prep and post-race analyses
    • Unlimited phone calls and e-mails answered within 24-hours
    • Equipment guidance
  • Swim technique and skill sessions available for an additional fee


Not required, but highly recommended: Cycling Peaks Software, Power meter or Heart Rate Monitor

*3month minimum required with 30 day cancellation notice appreciated