Mountain Biking

015A unique combination of technical skill, strength, and race savy, mountain biking requires its own distinctive form of training that isn’t always compatible with disciplines such as road racing or cyclocross. As such, it’s important to have a coach who understands the demands of such an event so you can receive the proper guidance to prepare accordingly physically , mentally and have the right equipment for the task.

With years of experience in mountain biking, Roger understands what it takes to train, race, and win in the dirt and he can help you in attaining your own off-road success.

Roger won the Cat 1 M35 Nationals Championships in 2002 and more recently the M50 US in 2018 and the Finnish MTB National Championships in 2019 . Roger also placed 4th in the Masters World Championships in Canada in 2019 . In addition of winning the Sea Otter Classic in 2000 and the Norba series as well besides numerous East Coast MTB races and series over the years .

The biggest benefit in having Roger as your MTB coach would be riding with him as he spends a big part of his own training days in the woods and is available for hands on coaching if you are local or just see him at races .


  • $250 per month (due on first of the month)*
  • $150 initial assessment fee
    • Includes athlete interview, lactic balance point test for one discipline, and ride with coach
  • Services Include:
    • Communication and program delivery via software
    • HRM/Power meter data evaluation weekly
    • Strength and conditioning training programs
    • Nutritional Guidance
    • Race prep and post-race analyses
    • Unlimited phone calls and e-mails answered within 24-hours
    • Equipment guidance

Not required, but highly recommended: Cycling Peaks Software, Power meter or Heart Rate Monitor

*3-month minimum required with 30-day cancellation notice appreciated