Day 2, Ghisallo-Muro di Sormano, Giro Stage 15

Sunday , we are ready for a big day .. well most guys do not know what they are in for and what to expect, but super excited anyway. No rain and pretty warm temps . Our traditional ride to Madonna di Ghisallo is on tap today and it just happens that  stage 15 of the Giro goes up it today as well . We have done this ride every year , so for me 11 times . In the recent years we have added Muro di Sormano, a short little kicker . 23-28% in some places .We set out from Clanezzo on fairly easy flatish roads for a while and once we get to Lecco our ride takes us along the shoreline of Lago di Lecco .We are basically on today’s Giro Route and the course is all set up with K’s to go signs , barriers and pink balloons everywhere.

Our plan is to do Muro di Sormano first ( the actual legendary wall ) the Giro is taking the easy route up in fear that the road would be too slippery if wet.  Everything is already set up and it almost feels like we are in the Giro. Once on top we descend a quite long twisty decent into Nesso and we make a right turn away from Como where the Giro finishes today. We go instead towards Bellagio where Ghisallo starts about 50K to go for them and also about 5OK for us to finish back in Clanezzo . We are ahead of the Giro and making good time . Quick lunch and then we head up the Ghisallo , always good to eat before climbing … or not. We find a perfect spot to watch the boys go by on a long drag about 200 m before the GPM right by the Madonna di Ghisallo.

We timed it perfect and not a long wait at all before the big show starts to roll by . A ton of people on the side of the road and the excitement is high. The Helicopter comes first or at least insight , I am pretty sure we got on camera . Cataldo ( the eventual winner of the stage ) and Cattaneo are in the break  and the GC group right behind . Speeds are not too high on the climb and not too much chaos. As soon as the groupetto goes by we hop on our bikes and continue as well. Quick stop at the church and an annual group photo by the statue of the fallen cyclist. Little bit of traffic of course, but not bad at all. One wrong turn by Jonny otherwise smooth sailing back towards Bergamo . Touching 100 miles and the guys are feeling it a bit on the climb up to Torre di Bussi and we choose to take the easy way home and not over Valcava , but we make it back to Cascina Blevedi in great spirits and dry. Awesome day all around and one to remember. Its early in the week and still somewhat fresh , so 100 miles was not that big of a deal to anyone . Quick shower and another great dinner. Now no one is too concerned about eating too much , we burnt a few calories today . A great start to the camp .This is always a solid ride and tomorrow we head up to the mountains , a whole new adventure for the group. Can’s wait. Ciao .