2017 FinKraft Italy Giro / Cycling Camp

We are ready for departure, a year goes by so fast and it feels like we were just in Italy a couple of weeks ago. Many things and events happened since , both good and bad. Life just moves on at 100 mph it seems.

What is the most amazing to me is that every year I feel more excited to go and more excited for the guys who get to go because with time I have learned so much about Italy. To pass this knowledge and experience onto the new guys or even people who have been there before feels very good and satisfying. One of the most valuable treasures in life that the bike has provided me with is meeting new friends and giving back to others what I have learned along the way. Not something that happens over night and not something that happens without an effort , but all 100% worth it at the end of the day. As we get older ( Old Bull ) we have nothing to prove anymore and we have different things to look forward to. Your priorities change and things that seemed total nonsense to you 20 years ago are now all of a sudden very interesting.

I am really looking forward to the 100th Anniversary of the Giro d’Italia as well. It is shaping up to be one of the most exciting races in a long time. For me to see our guys stand on the side of the road inches away from the riders cheering them on gives me chills and is a very special moument for them even its just a few seconds I know they will rembember this for their rest of their lives .

More notes from the road once we get rolling , ride safe and enjoy the ride. 1K at the time and main thing is not to panic as they say.