Bike Transport

Bike Transport
Cross Nationals and Masters Worlds 2012

It is almost that time of the year again and I do not mean Christmas. Unfortunately I am not able to race this cross season at all including the Nationals or the Worlds , but I am still going . I drove to Bend, OR and back last year with the trailer full of bikes , so we should have even more east coast riders going this year , since it is half the distance . Let us take your cyclocross bikes to the National Championships and /or to the Master’s Worlds 2012!

It is no big secret that flying across the country or really anywhere with a bicycle is very expensive and a very big hassle. The cost of the excess baggage can be as high as $200 per bike + $ 55.00 per suit case each way. When you get there you have to rent a car big enough to carry the bikes and the boxes, put the bikes together, and of course hope it all arrives in one piece
and on time!

Do the math and travel to these races hassle free and spend your energy on having a great race instead.Traveling is most of the time more exhausting than the actual race and if you are going to the Nationals or Worlds it would be nice to feel fresh and relaxed when you stand on that start line .

FINKRAFT , well me will drive both of your cyclocross bikes, plus a set of wheels and a small gear bag to the Cyclocross Nationals in Madison, WI and we will continue the transport to
Louisville, KY for the Masters Cyclocross World Championships in 2012.


One event – $250.00
Two events – $350.00

Price will include:

-Pick up / drop off will be around New Years
(neutral place on the East Coast , check for details)
-Have your bikes ready when you need them in Madison and later in Louisville
(no assembly required)
-Have bike stand, some tools, wash buckets, wind trainer, pumps ,etc
-I will be at the events everyday so you don’t have to transport your bike while there and I will also provide pit support.
(since I am not racing this time)
-Changing and warm-up under our Giant tent also available.
( chairs and some warm water even -;) )

We can handle multiple riders per event, so don’t be afraid to ask! Don’t race Nationals without a pit crew!

Payment for transportation must be made in advance and checks should be written out for the full amounts to FINKRAFT.

Contact Roger for details and book immediately, as space
is limited! First come, first served! On a good day we can only fit 32 bikes in our

Hope you are enjoying the warm weather now -;)