Power Cranks up to 9000 feet

When you ride the Cranks and as your ability improves you will always look for new challenges.

It could be as simple as adding time to your ride or just trying to keep a cadence above 85 rpm !

I have ridden them for over 10 years now and pretty much run out of challenges . I wanted to promote the Power Cranks here on our FinKraft Training Camp this year, since we are dealer for them now and it would be great opportunity to show our clients what they are all about.

I have never had them out here in Tucson , so riding up Mt Lemmon on Power Cranks was new to me and a nice way to show case them .
I had good company from James and Wayne and the pace was pretty decent all the way up , James said if we did not go all the way to the top to Ski Valley, we could not live with ourselves , I guess no choice there!

Some heckling and telling a few war stories at the cookie shack in Summer Haven before we had to plummet back down , another challenge for sure !

If you ever descended a 20 mile plus climb on Power Cranks you know what I mean!
Everything is big , big Mountain, big Cokes and big Cookies! Life is good !!!

This was pretty good day in the saddle , about 5 hours ride time on new grounds with Cranks !

If you want to keep it interesting and challenge yourself , get a pair of Power Cranks . Best training tool out there in my opinion , worth every penny!