FinKraft Camp update

A few adjustments for Anthony and Wayne and we are good to go , 115 miles ahead of us , so everything needs to be perfect , anything that is not ; will show up for sure . This camp is a testing ground for a lot of things , bike fit is one them !

Well , we made it abut 2 miles when the flat fest started , Cactus thorns galore! A test on tires and patience

We had a beautiful day ahead of us , but 6 flats in a six hour ride , what is going on ? It did not really spoil anything , we had all day and nothing else to do , we are here to ride our bikes and that is it , besides eating and sleeping. Speaking of eating; Burrito Night tonight!

Some rides could be really looooooong and haaaaaaaard !

AZ critters , all poisonous according to Steve including this Scram one laying on the road up Kitt Peak , so just look no touching !

I think I am a Kitt Peak member by now , 2 times up in 2 weeks . Great ride by Adam, Steve and Rich today , solid ride by all the boys today for that matter , close to 4000 cals burnt today and a few new Kitt Peak members today !

This is the best food hands down I ever had a on a bike ride , this empenada blows every bar, gel or any kind of sports food away ever invented !

On one of our flatter and some what easier day , if you can call a 4 hour with an 11 miles gradual climb in it an easy ride is to via Oracle to Mammoth and back to our starting point in Ora Valley .

We did this one the first week as well , but due to 40 degree temps , rain sideways and 50 mph winds , we chickened out and turned around in Oracle and missed the most amazing scenery , something that you could not ever imagine . Unbelievable back drop ( a drop from 4500 feet to 2300 feet) into a town of nothing , we saw maybe 4 people in the whole town almost scary! But …. we found Gold, a Mexican bakery ! Unbelievable empenadas right out of the owen . They were so good we bought 28 , yes she would not sell anymore to us after begging for some more!

A classic picture in a town of nothing but empenadas and a bike !