More FinKraft Camping in AZ

Yes , we do ride on these roads , this is the road up Mt Lemmon and we do this one twice each week. What a Breath taking ride -:) litterly!

If you like climbing there is plenty of it for sure , but on this one you ca catch a nice rytmen and really find your climbing groove or not ! Experience the altitude as well which is new to most of all.

It looks cold with the snow on the side of road , but it is really not for the most part!

This camp is very International ( 8-9 different countries ) , here we have our French rider David dancing up the climb. Now if we only had a bike like these the rides would be a breeze !

What goes up , comes down !One of the most thrilling decent around . Flying down without touching the breaks for an hour .
It could be a hair raising experience for sure , but who would no want that on a bicycle !

Believe it or not there is time for some breaks here and there , even though this guy will get a $ 50.00 fine later in the mail( he does not know yet)

At the end of the day a little soaking and just hanging loose is all it is about!

Now we just have to hope we all become faster bike racer , that is the purpose of this life style for all of us , we have to keep reminding ourselves of that :)