More training Camp

Three Gringos in town , cold and windy ride to Bisbee via Tombstone with the new crew , what happened to the AZ weather we all came here for?

No , we are not in Italy yet ! Only Bisbee , but that is still a great stop!

Nice little cafe , Rob really enjoyed himself , felt like home at our rest stop ( just got out of the shower I think -:)

National Champion steering down some Bisbee pie at the coffee shop at our turn around!

It is an old mining town , so a few things is made out of copper! I do not know what Paul is pointing at though!

Traveling to the rides could be an experience , the Border Patrol took this one real well! We are about 8 miles from the Mexican border after all.

Nutrition is as important ( if not even more) as the rides or the rest we get here on the camp . You can never pack enough ride food into your jersey pockets , but nobody has bonked yet either, so that says something.

The boys from Italy were doing great eating the Barilla spaghetti ” the right way” . The dinners are really what keeps this crew going , thanks Kimberly and the girls who are helping in the kitchen. More about the Menu here at the FinKraft Camp to come soon, that is my blog intentions for this week, besides keep “Marinating” the boys on their bikes :)