Camp update day 6

After a 115 mile day on Thursday , the guys hung their heads this morning and wanted to crawl UNDER their beds when they heard we are going up MT Lemmon this afternoon.

The roads were clear and no restrictions , sounded like it we would be getting the ” Worlds Largest cookie ” after all.

Drove to Saguro East again , skipped the roller coaster loop because our plan to was to go slow , but make it up to the top , so no wasting time on anything else.

Nice steady tempo and the miles was ticking off nicely , but the snow kept getting higher and higher on the side of the roads .The group got a little smaller , but a few of us kept going , after two hours we were at Ski Valley ( too bad we had no skis) the conditions were great and the mountain was packed with people enjoying the snow and the perfect weather.

Rolled down to Summer Haven and it was Time !! The $ 5.00 Giant cookie , calories for us to last for a week. After finishing that meal we now had to climb up to get down , weird! Legs were like tree trunks and now it was cold . We descended like rocks and flew like jets down the mountain . It warmed up dramatically and by the time we were back at the car it was hot . I was happy the guys made it up , Mt Lemmon has always been the staple of the camps all these years I have been out here . An another Pro day , we even saw a few pros on the climb , so this is the training grounds for the best , no doubt.
It is Friday night , the “shoot out ” group ride in the AM !! The finally of the first week!