Camp update day 5

The new FinKraft Kit on to Kitt Peak , another epic day!

We decided to man up and ride from the house, not too hard the first hour since mostly down hill! The only downside was we would have a pretty hard finish to tackle after 100 miles or so , no problem though.
This ride is traditionally very windy on the way out to the actual climb , a few Coyotes and a never ending false flat made the ride out pretty challenging ! A few drills up the 12 mile climb and a little digging and pushing the limit was the theme of the day . Very impressive by the group of 11 riders . Coming back down was a thrill for most guys and we were flying , we do not have mountains like this on the East Coast.

Nice stops at the “road kill circle K ” on way out and same place again on the way back , great motivation to keep it rolling .

After slugging it for 57 miles we reached the Top!

The weather was perfect and an awesome ride all around , 115 miles and a very Strong performance for everybody , but some tired bodies at the dinner table . Little quiet , but very satisfied faces , we “got er done” again!

Bill himself had to check Mark’s bike set up to what we were dealing with here.

Of course the day was not done . Back to Bill Peterson for a couple of follow ups with the guys .

Bill is straightening out Ian here , not an easy task ! A great day in the saddle once again !