Camp update day 4

Today was a flatter , but could be a windy ride , scenic and fun ride to Bisbee via Tombstone . Sounds easy , wrong !! Still 96 miles in the saddle that could become a sting in the tail after 3 days in to the camp for sure.

We have to do a little drive to the start, Benson that is . Park at Walmart and check out the “people at Walmart ” before the ride . Then ” Saddle up ” and onto Tombstone . A beautiful day and everyone is having a blast , double pace line where we can and single up where we have to . The FinKraft pose’ rides into town and this is something us spandex dudes do not see everyday ( and I think something Wyatt Earp does not see either)

Short stop and then to Bisbee, cool 25 miles stretch of nothing ! Then a 5 mile false flat climb up to about 6500 feet or something like that , a good place to turn the screw a little before we go thru the tunnle down into the “Bowl of Bisbee“. Lunch time , a really cool town to get a bit to eat , nobody is in a hurry here for sure . Our Canadian friend Louis even got to meet the local Sheriff ( flat tire and got a ride to town ,very funny story )
After we stuffed our “pie holes ” with a little pie , it was just about doing the whole thing in reverse , simple ! Now it was slightly down hill and some places tail wind , we had a blast and made it back flying for the most part , ” a good testing for the “Glue” , nobody came unglued and with a little suffering we were back at Walmart . It was all about ” get’er done”

Load up and back to base camp for tonight’s Alto Lab presentation , late as usual ( my personal trade mark it seems )

Ok, let’s see what altitude training is all about. Andrew Backhaus came down here from Alto Lab to present their product ,which is a very interesting concept . We all know you can benefit from altitude training if you do it right . There are many different ways to do it, but after listening Andrew this seems like a very effective and simple way of doing this at a fairly inexpensive as well..

Notice the stack on this one , Louis turn out to be an excellent ” lab rat” Good stuff ! Finally dinner , more Barilla pasta , how could you go wrong , big day tomorrow -:)