Camp Update day 2

Day 2 , day of flats !
Well , the weather Gods were not on our side today for sure ! We kind ot though we would have a window in the morning and escape the rain , so we loaded up the bikes and drove up RT 77 a little ways to beat some traffic and parked in Ora Valley , still not raining , but not looking good either
The ride is a simple out and back , nice wide shoulder , but a slight incline at a 2600 feet start and by we got to Oracle we were at 4500 feet , soaking wet, freezing cold and 4 flats . After huddling around in Circle K for 20 mins we were ready to back out and get hammered by some nasty head wind and numbing freezing rain , are we in AZ ?????

The group was tough as nails and we grinded it back to the car , if someone had stopped and offered us a ride back , I would have considered the option , but since I am the captain I guess , I would be the last man to abandon ship !! Made it back and it got warmer and of course stopped raining by the time we had the bikes back on the roof .

Some lunch and time to chill , well almost everyone ! Kyle spent the afternoon washing the bikes and Kim cooking and washing clothes. The best part was the sprint relay XC skiing race at the Olympics , what a race !! Little R&R for the team and computer time and before we knew it , it was dinner time! Fish with oven roasted potatoes and the greens of course , some good eat’n !!

Our nightly Power file analyses and post ride talk in addition to a little heads up for tomorrow’s ride , Mtn Lemon !! Sun shine , the two words that will be welcome after a day like this , but it is all good !!