Camp Update day 1

Day One !

Sunday , a good day for a bike ride !

Or not , the couch looks pretty comfortable !

The early arrivals were chomping at the bit and after a delicious breakfast prepared by our chief Kim. The plan was to do a little shorter ride in the Gates Pass area , that what we did . Good steady pace with a little of a turn of the throttle up Gates Pass on the way back , nice opener for sure . Everybody rode well , a very good crew ! A couple more clients trickled in during the afternoon , so a second ride was on tap with Larry and Gerard . We did a shorter verzon of the Gates Pass , Kinney loop and almost dark by the time we finally climbed back up to the house .

Just in time for a super nice dinner , pasta with balsamic chicken with all the works . Eating good this week is important to every client balance with rest and of course the rides.

After dinner , mine and Kyle ‘ s presentation to welcome everybody and get as much detail about what his camp is all about . Practical advice for rides and some house rules, but also a more scientific approach to the time spent here. Nutritional tracking , power and HR files analyses daily and a lot information , but I am sure it will all make sense by the time the week is over .
Good stuff, bed time , well I have to pick up another bed for me and Kim before that will be a reality, nobody said it would be a vacation -:)

Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully the forecast is wrong and no rain !

More updates around the corner.