Just around the Bend

Greetings from Bend, OR again! Today is Sunday and the last day of the Cyclocross National Championships. It has been a very interesting week.

First off, CONGRATULATIONS to Finkrafter Kevin Hines who won the masters 50+ race on Saturday morning. It was a great race! Kevin was second in line going into the first hairpin turn at the beginning of the race, passed the one person and never looked back. With cold and icy conditions, the course was treacherous but Kevin never faltered and beat the next placed rider by almost a minute. It was fantastic. He was supposed to have heavy competition from a famous ex world champion, but rumor around here was when that guy heard Kevin was a Finkrafter, he decided not to show up! Awesome. Good work to Kevin for a long season of racing and training. In fact, Coach Roger advised Kevin to race the “faster” 35+ Verge series all year, and that prep made him heads and shoulders above the rest. It was great to watch.

In the 45+ event, Finkrafter Ralf Warmuth was amazing in taking 4th place. He has been moving up every year and now to be on the podium was just great. Ralf rode a smart race, never panicing on the ice and moving up lap after lap. He was cautious and aggressive at the same time, and his hard work really paid off. Our friend Jon Bold won day in one of the best races I have ever seen. Remember, rubbin’ is racin’!

Roger came to this venue after winning races since March and the defending champion. He absolutely railed the hole shot at about 30mph but had some issues and was not able to defend. The competition was incredible and the racing great.

Also, our friend Luke Keough took 3rd in the under 23 event. This is considered the future of bike racing, and so is Luke. He was beat by a guy on a Protour team, so it hardly seemed fair.

Well, today is the big show. The elite races for men and women. It should be awesome as this year has really been a slug fest out there, and the Northwest guys have been giving a lot of trash talk about us New Englanders and Northeast guys. Cant wait. Our own Justin Lindine has an 11th spot call up, so that should really help him. I hope everyone thinks good thoughts.

We head back East this afternoon so Justin can get on a plane to Belgium for the Superprestige and Zolder World Cup. Freaking awesome.

Ok, one last thing to mention. The hotel where we have been staying has been great. They have a fantastic waffle machine, the staff has been very friendly and the maintenance guy let us use their hose and indoor (warm) shop to work on the bikes and the maids don’t freak when they see what Roger does to a hotel room.

Also, when I went to get batteries for my camera this morning (hence no pics of Kevin, sorry) the neat market next door has an amazing selection of snacks, porn, bongs, 40 oz beers, and thankfully, batteries. This has been an interesting trip to say the least.

More from the road this week! Stay on that training, this is the fitness time of year!