Time to sign up and plan for our 10th Anniversary 2019 FinKraft Giro/Italy Cycling Camp, May 24 to June 3

I cannot believe it has been 10 years already since I had our first Italy Cycling Camp with my late friend Paolo Zenoni who really pushed for me to start a cycling camp in Italy where he grew up and lived. I have had cycling camps in Tucson, Arizona for many years prior and I was no stranger to camps, but this opened up a whole new prospective to life and cycling. I am so thankful for have been given this incredible opportunity and been able to build on this every year ever since. I still remember every step of the way and how I learned the roads and the Italian culture little by little. We have meet so many incredible people along the way and there have been so many people who were part of this adventure, with some very challenging days on and off the bike. When Paolo passed away it was by far the biggest challenge to keep all this going, but once I overcame the struggle that first year I have gained so much strength and motivation to keep his memory alive and now it’s a huge honor to have this particular cycling camp each year. #neverstop

Like I said last year, I feel more excited to go each year now and more excited for the guys who get to go because with time I have learned so much about Italy and to pass this knowledge and experience onto the new guys, or even people who have been there before, feels very good and satisfying. One of the most valuable treasures in life that the bike has provided me is meeting new friends and giving back to others what I have learned along the way. Not something that happens overnight and not something that happens without an effort or struggle, but all 100% worth it at the end of the day. As we get older (Old Bulls) we have nothing to prove anymore and we have different things to look forward to. Your priorities change and things that seemed total nonsense to you 20 years ago are now all of the sudden very interesting.

I am really looking forward to our 10th Anniversary FinKraft Italy Giro d’Italia Cycling Camp this coming spring.

Spots will be limited to 10, so sign up early, departure from the US on May 24th and return on June 3rd. Read more details on our Italy Camp link.

“1K at the time and main thing is not to panic”