Sorry, no pictures.

I never thought I would ever say that I am happy to be back in Iowa, but I am happy to be back in Iowa. Kinda.

So this morning started with me calling the Wyoming State Highway Patrol after the light trailer ban continued to be in effect on I-80. It went something like this:

“Good morning, Wyoming Highway Patrol, Lt Crespin speaking.”
“Hi, is the ban still in effect for I-80 east?”
“What does the internet say?”
“Oh. Um, It’s not that I don’t think your state is nice, but I want to leave, how to do I that?”
“Have you tried the old route 30?”

So, I went across to the coffee shop and asked the guy with the biggest hat about old route 30. They gave me directions. So, I started my simple 100 mile detour of Southeast Wyoming around Elk Mountain on a lovely single lane desert road. I got to see the town of Medicine Bow (elev. 7700, pop. 274) and the bustling Bosler (elev. 7640, pop 0). Yup, zero. A real life ghost town. Pretty cool. Soon, I made it to Laramie and back on the Interstate.

Then, my enemy appeared, and his name is Nebraska. Even with “severe clear” skies and dry roads, this state takes forever and is freaking cold. I mean, it took 8 hours it was 6 degrees in Omaha. What? How do you grow corn in 6 degrees? And those cows only have thin leather jackets, they must be freezing!

So, here I am Iowa, resting up for the big push home. Oh wait, did I tell you the best part of Iowa? Well let me tell you: its their 350 miles of grooved concrete highway. Except for the fact that the trailer is filed with extremely light carbon fiber bikes and wheels, so the trailer bounces up and down on every groove and rocks the Kyle-mobile more than a Friday night at the movies! ha!

Ok, that’s it.

Remember, you race like you train.